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As a leading software consultancy, we empower startups and businesses with innovative solutions, guided by our vision to pioneer transformative business partnerships. Our expertise includes software development for startups, startup advisory, and virtual CTO services.

We specialize in agile MVP software development and provide strategic solution architecture consulting. Our SaaS web application development skills help businesses harness the power of the cloud. Committed to superior service, we aim to exceed client objectives and drive growth through potent partnerships.

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Our Vision

Pioneering business partnerships with our technical excellence, we aspire to be the transformational ally that delivers impactful growth for founders and businesses.

Our Mission

To empower businesses with innovative software solutions. Utilizing technical excellence and industry insights, we form potent partnerships to spur growth. We're dedicated to providing superior service that achieves client objectives

Our Story

After years of collaborating with startups, we recognized that irrespective of the business domain, founders consistently faced a set of common technical challenges and critical decisions at the early stage.

Questions such as which tech stack to choose, the ideal size of a development team, the best cloud provider to use, and realistic estimates for MVP development time, among many others, were always top of mind. Navigating these decisions in the rapidly changing IT landscape can be overwhelming for entrepreneurs.

We identified the need for a trusted partner who could offer clear guidance and support through the complexities of the tech world. Our goal was to become that partner, helping founders sidestep the common pitfalls that many startups encounter during their early stages.

We understood that uncertainty has always been a significant issue in the startup world, and we believed that our expertise and experience could serve as a valuable uncertainty-reducer.

Simultaneously, we were passionate about providing talented, reliable, and dedicated IT professionals with the opportunity to create exceptional software solutions at the forefront of technology. We wanted to create an environment for them to fully realize their potential.

With these aims in mind, we established Sofwisery, a mutually beneficial collaboration between the business and tech worlds. We are thrilled to cultivate a powerful synergy where innovative business ideas can flourish, rooted in the fertile soil of a reliable, scalable, and stable IT environment.

Our Team

Michael Ratnikov
Founder & CEO
Startup advisory, Solution Architecture


Over the past 15 years, I have been cultivating my skills in software architecture, tech leadership, and full-stack development while collaborating with startups across various industries. As part of my journey, I have had the opportunity to actively participate in the successful launch of three startups, from inception to completion. In doing so, I built the full tech infrastructure, managing diverse aspects of software development, including recruiting, DevOps, project management, architecture, and mentorship.

By adhering to high-quality standards, maintaining a conscious approach, and demonstrating responsibility and passionate involvement, I strive to create technology solutions that are uniquely tailored to each venture's needs and goals, fostering long-term success.


My superpower is intuition.

With years of experience in the industry, I have honed my ability to quickly identify potential issues and spot opportunities for improvement in software systems. This innate sense enables me to anticipate and avoid pitfalls, finding optimal solutions that not only meet immediate requirements but are also scalable, maintainable, and flexible for the future. By harnessing the power of my intuition, I can swiftly pinpoint the most efficient and effective approaches, saving time and resources for both my clients and the development team.

Fun Fact

Once as a spiritual practice I spent 4 days in a dark room without food and water.

Ivan Navrotskiy
Full Stack Developer
Solution Architecture, Full Stack Dev


I became interested in programming languages while still in school, and since then this hobby has turned into my professional career and my calling.  I have 11 years of development experience, which includes enterprise development, mentoring, application architecture development, and code optimization. The most significant projects were related to transportation logistics, document management, insurance, and satellite navigation.

My work is related to continuous development and self-improvement, and I always strive to learn new technologies and methodologies to improve my skills and competencies. My main goal is to create reliable software that will work for the benefit of people and improve their lives.


My superpower is abstract thinking.

It's difficult to imagine a large and complex system consisting of objects described by lines of code. Each object performs its own function, working like a clock mechanism or even like a living organism. It's born, interacts with its environment, and has a lifespan.

My superpower helps me to immerse myself in this dimension and quickly understand where the system is running hot and where the load is minimal. I can identify which objects are malfunctioning and where the system lacks flexibility to integrate something new. All of this is abstract thinking.

Fun Fact

I bought snacks at a supermarket at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

Irina Pastushenko
Senior Designer
Web/UX Design, Creative Development


Since stepping into the design world in 2014, I've spent the last nine years honing my skills across multiple design disciplines, including branding, packaging, print, web, and user experience (UX) design. Embracing the role of a creator, I thrive on the opportunity to bring unique concepts to life. Among my key accomplishments are winning federal-level tenders for prestigious companies such as Rosneft, Rigla, and Delovye Linii.

Striking a balance between creativity and function, I am passionate about crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also align with business objectives. Recognizing the importance of deadlines, I prioritize achieving team goals over personal creative pursuits.

By leveraging my skills and passion, I aim to consistently deliver innovative and impactful design solutions.


My superpower is empathy.

As Tim Brown from IDEO puts it, "Without understanding what people see, feel, and experience, design loses its meaning." This principle serves as the guiding light of my design philosophy. Empathy is the key tool I use to comprehend user experiences, thereby creating solutions that genuinely resonate with their needs and desires, making design a meaningful and human-centric process.

Fun Fact

My first degree is in engineering, and my second is in children's art education.

Margarita Svirina
Senior Business Analyst
.Net Development, System Analysis


My door to IT wouldn't have been opened almost 15 years ago If I hadn't made a decision to become a .Net software engineer. Having worked at a big number of Waterfall and Agile projects I can surely state that I've gained a lot of valuable experience of developing through all SDLC phases. No sooner had I once taken part in the project as a system analyst than I realized that coming up with business solutions or integrations and making specifications had been interesting no less than being a programmer.

Therefore, nowadays my duties at work have closely related to business and system analysis, project coordinating and newcomers' onboarding. Moreover, being the certified Scrum-master I get a lot of pleasure out of serving a team on its way of becoming both cross-functional and self-managing. Not only does building the processes to achieve the business needs more effective appeal to me, but also removing impediments to implement high-value products, because I've always wished to provide the customers with the best experience.


My superpower is foresight.

Never would it be a secret that some decisions could influence on the project's success. Commitment to goals, meeting the deadlines, customer's satisfaction and the team's performance depend on the chosen solution. In my humble opinion, it is really significant to see the consequences of a conclusion in the future based on the analysis of occasions in the past and understanding the current situation.

Fun fact

When I have enough spare time I'm keen on solving puzzles consist of more than 1000 pieces.

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